Our Motto: Amat Victoria Curam

Victory loves preparation.  Which is where Gilberto Velasquez & Associates will take you – on the road to victory through proper planning and deployment of innovative and realistic marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations tactics.

Gilberto Velasquez & Associates is a full-service marketing, branding, advertising, and public relations firm.  With offices in Brownsville, Houston, and San Antonio, we provide a solution for your B2B or B2C marketing challenges – and we’ll do this in a manner that fits the real marketing need.  Gilberto Velasquez & Associates steers clear of weighing a company down with solutions that aren’t realistic, we stick to the realities of marketing and public relations that work for your industry.

Gilberto Velasquez & Associates cares about enhancing your profits, not using technologies just because they’re popular.  Which is why we believe in marketing, advertising, and public relations practices that work for you so that your staff can focus on their core strengths.  Essentially, your company will leverage the strengths of Gilberto Velasquez & Associates and put them to work for you so your company can do what it does well and we’ll do what we do well – which is make you look great and increase your profits.

After all, petroleum engineers don’t write ad copy, and marketers don’t refine oil.


A small portion of what Gilberto Velasquez & Associates offers:

  • Full communication campaign guidelines and development
  • Enhancing your current logo, color scheme, and tagline to better reflect your company
  • Marketing campaign management – from start to finish
  • Develop and increase your company’s authenticity, credibility, and authority
  • Creation of new websites and print collateral for online and face-to-face interactions
  • Provide marketing support for your sales staff
  • Ad copy: from web to email copy, and print to billboards
  • Media buying that is relevant to your company
  • Provide press release and media communication contact points
  • Deploy realistic social media campaigns & solutions, not pie-in-the sky ones

…and that’s just the beginning.

Learn more, and contact one of our firm’s locations for your needs.